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Singtel Media is more than just a marketing company.

We offer a comprehensive, all-encompassing blend of media services and technology to optimise any area of business.

What we do?
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TV Advertising

Capture your audience when their most engaged: enjoying their beloved football games or favourite K-dramas.

Get audience insights and give your brand the ability to create relevant and actionable communication, while establishing BRAND SAFETY.

Singtel Media is capable of delivering results-centric value across Pay TV advertising (both commercial and residential)

Reach consumers when they are the most engaged and engrossed: watching TV. Despite the rise of digital media, Pay TV remains integral when it comes to reaching consumers across Singapore. Capture the hearts and minds of consumers as they watch their favourite shows with friends in pubs or with loved ones at home.

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Digital Advertising

Be the first brand that consumers see as they browse through Singapore’s go-to apps for food, news, lifestyle and tv entertainment!

Did you know that the average Singaporean owns slightly more than 3 digital devices? This gives you ample opportunities to swoop in and secure the superiority of your brand!

With network and experience unmatched by other online marketing agencies in Singapore, we at Singtel Media specialise in crafting digital media advertising that works.

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Mobile Advertising

The open rate of SMS messages stands at a high of over 90%. You will expose millions to your brand message on the go or at specific locations, coupled with targeted advertising.

With an outreach of 3.9 million mobile customers, our mobile advertising solution is the most effective way to get your message to the masses.

Unleash the power of SMS advertising.

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Direct Advertising

Seize this chance to engage consumers on a personal level, get them to act on your promotion and be top-of-mind to grab market share.

Don′t underestimate the power of direct advertising

Did you know that 90% of the time, if Singaporeans access their mobiles, they are accessing their personal email? Our EDM solutions can help you engage these viewers on a more personal level, which can go a long way with convincing consumers of your brand message.

EDM solutions with measurable ROI and interactive reporting

EDM marketing can assist in gathering data from your consumers and even help you calculate your ROI, perfect for planning for the future as well! With this marketing solution that saves time and money, you can reach hundreds of thousands with just a few clicks.

Reach the mailboxes of over 1.2 million Singaporeans using Billing Inserts.

Why Us?

It´s simple. There are 3 golden reasons and these are all the reasons you need,


As the leading telecommunications company in the nation, we have the widest reach, with over 6 million subscribers across all digital platforms. The numbers… Don′t Lie


Your audience, is our business. Make the biggest impact with your marketing spends − with our targeted solutions.


In a world of constant shifts in attention, you need to remain present in consumers′ lives at all times. With our multi-platform advertising solutions, your brand message will be able to stay top-of-mind in the minds of to millions.

6,000,000 Active accounts across all digital platforms

3,900,000 Mobile subscribers


382,000 Households


4 Detailed analytic tools to help you campaign

Analytical Tools

Need accurate ad analytics to maximise your profits? Singtel Media is a purveyor of online marketing in Singapore that is able to track your ad progression across multiple traffic sources, right down to the user level.

SMS Profiling

SMS Profiling

Among advertising agencies in Singapore, we have the largest SMS database. Access from a range of profiles such as age, gender, nationality, lifestyle and type of dwelling, etc.



DataSpark provides businesses with access to Singtel´s rich and unique repository of data sourced from Singtel´s mobile telecommunications network and a most half a million Singtel TV customers. Our 30−strong team of insight professionals and bigdata scientists offer valuable insights into consumer behaviour at a local level in 15 regional countries.

TV Measurement

TV Measurement (SG-TAM)

The Singapore Television Audience Measurement (SG-TAM) is the official source of television audience measurement in Singapore. Commissioned by IMDA, GfK operates and manages the integrated television audience measurement system. It provides the viewership of television content, such as Free-To-Air TV and Pay TV channels, shown across traditional and digital platforms. Supported by GfK´s advanced technologies, SG-TAM enables targeted television content and effective advertising campaigns.

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Advertising solutions for the converging world.
The world´s leading independent advertising platform, Amobee unifies all advertising channels−including TV, programmatic and social−across all formats and devices, providing marketers with streamlined, advanced media planning capabilities powered by in-depth analytics and proprietary audience data. Combining TV, digital and social on a single platform, Amobee enables advertisers to plan and activate across more than 150 integrated partners, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter.

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